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POWKIDDY RGB30 Handheld Game Console

POWKIDDY RGB30 Handheld Game Console

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POWKIDDY RGB30 Handheld Game Console Yellow


  • 3000 games from various categories
  • 4.0" IPS screen with 800x600 resolution
  • Expandable storage up to 512GB
  • 4100mAh battery
  • MINI HDMI output
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility
  • TYPE-C charging and data interface
  • Made with ABS material
  • Certified with CE
  • 16GB internal storage


This handheld game console, the POWKIDDY RGB30 in yellow, offers a range of technical specs for a seamless gaming experience. With a compact design and versatile compatibility with popular simulators and games, it features a 4.0 inch OCA full fit screen with a 720*720 resolution. Equipped with a powerful ARM quad-core 1.8GHz processor, LPDDR4 1GB RAM, and expandable external storage up to 256GB, this console offers smooth gameplay and easy upgrades. Its wireless and interface capabilities, along with a built-in loudspeaker and long battery life, make it a convenient choice for gaming on the go. Plus, with its open-source system, it can be easily upgraded and is compatible with mainstream 64-bit 3D simulators.

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